10 Essential Items To Include In Your Vehicle Cleaning Kit

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10 Essential Items To Include In Your Vehicle Cleaning Kit

Keeping your car clean is not only crucial for your health and well-being, but it also helps to maintain the condition of your vehicle. Not only will a clean car look nicer, but it will also last longer. If you want to keep your car clean without spending a lot of money, you should consider putting together a vehicle cleaning kit. Brooklyn VW will discuss ten essential items you should include in your equipment!

1. Windshield Wiper Fluid:

It is one of the essential fluids in your car, and it’s responsible for keeping your windshield clean. Without it, you would have a hard time seeing while driving!

2. Microfiber Towels:

Microfiber towels are essential for cleaning your car because they are gentle on surfaces and won’t leave any lint or streaks.

3. Car Wax:

Car wax is essential because it helps to protect your paint job from scratches, sun damage, and other elements. It’s also great for making your car look shiny and new!

4. Glass Cleaner:

Glass cleaner is essential for keeping your windshield and other windows clean. It’s best to use a cleanser that doesn’t contain any ammonia, as this can damage the glass over time.

5. Duster:

A duster is great for getting rid of all the dust and dirt accumulated in your car. It’s essential for keeping your car clean, not only for aesthetic reasons but also because it can help to improve performance.

6. Cloth Seats:

Cloth seats require special care, and you should always use a cloth seat protectant to avoid staining them or causing them to wear down prematurely.

7. Upholstery Cleaner:

If you have leather or vinyl upholstery in your car, then you’ll need to use an upholstery cleaner regularly to keep it looking its best.

8. Dashboard Cleaner:

A dashboard cleaner will help remove any build-up of dirt and grime on your car’s dash. It can be a complex area to keep clean, but it’s essential to affect your driving visibility.

9. Tire Shine:

Tire shine is a great way to make your car’s tires look new. It also helps to protect them from the elements and keeps them from drying out and cracking.

10. Windshield Wiper Blades:

Windshield wiper blades should be replaced regularly, as they can become worn down and ineffective over time.

Ending Note

So, there you have ten essential items that should be included in your vehicle cleaning kit. Putting together a kit like this will help in keeping your car clean and looking great without spending a lot of money. But if you are interested in a professional car cleaning service, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with Brooklyn VW serving Manhattan, NY today! We also offer special deals and packages on our services. Contact us to get more information.

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