Cold Mornings & Slow Starts: Your Battery Calls For Aid!

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Cold Mornings & Slow Starts: Your Battery Calls For Aid!

Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell? And where were you when your battery called for aid? Ditch that procrastination for proactive battery care!


Car batteries are a solid unit yet among the most volatile units existing under the hood. Although not too sensitive, the right set of circumstances can turn them bad and cause the car owner much agony on getting stranded right before the office.


Luckily, there are ways to sense when a car battery gets weaker. That way, you can avoid the ‘honor’ of sulking over a brown-down car in the middle of the road. You can call us in for roadside assistance if it gets that bad, and we’ll get your car back on track with a battery inspection & replacement.


We at Brooklyn VW truly care about battery issues messing with your car!


Low Battery Charge


Picture this; you came home late and left the cabin light on; by morning, the battery had gone kaput. Now you have a meeting to attend, and your car won’t start.


Apart from that, another reason could be a damaged alternator, the age of the battery, or the weather—car batteries, whether wet or dry cell, reduce efficiency at lower temperatures. The solution is to get a battery blanket or keep an eye on the battery’s average charge. If the battery is still performing poorly, it’s time you bought a new one!


Dashboard Warning Lights


Provided you are not selectively blind to the Christmas lights on your dashboard, you will notice a car battery-shaped bauble light up when the battery is experiencing an issue.


You should look for dim headlights or crazy power window motors. Your AC & dashboard electronics will also falter, and it doesn’t matter how good your alternator is; once a battery has gone bad, there is no coming back!


Low Electrolyte Levels


If your battery has developed a leak or the caps are not screwed on tightly enough, the electrolyte can drop in level, reducing the effective charge generation required for things like the car ignition, AC, radio & power windows.


Never fill up the battery with tap or mineral water; you specifically need distilled battery water for that. Combine that with cold weather and a general state of battery neglect, and you’ll understand why your car is that mad at you!


Battery Sulfation


Having a faulty alternator is far worse than a bad battery. The alternator is converting mechanical to electrical energy that charges the car battery when the car is running.


If the alternator has a habit of kicking in irregularly, the car’s battery may reach dangerous discharged levels one too many times. That results in sulfation; the sulfur deposits start to coat the cells and reduce the conductivity of the battery.


If you are about to open the car hood to check what’s wrong, hold your breath as a caution because battery sulfation will remind you of when you broke open a rotten egg!


Bloated Battery Case


This issue is not just restricted to a battery thing; it may also have to do with the general state of your engine bay components. If your engine is overheating due to unchecked coolant levels, or a long-overdue engine oil change, that heat will affect nearby components.


The battery, in particular, gets cooked & inflates like a hot pocket. That can lead to leaks and possible chemical hazards. So, you also have to care for your engine if you want to prevent your battery from suffering.


At Brooklyn VW, serving Hempstead, NY, we not only deal in cars, but we also have ASE-certified technicians & mechanics geared up for a multi-point inspection & battery checking & service.


We also offer service specials & OEM parts to our esteemed clientele. We’d appreciate you taking the time to schedule a battery service so you don’t have to miss out on any big days at the office.


Prevention is way better than a discharging cure, so book for a service today!

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