How Do I Lease a Volkswagen in Brooklyn?

Lease Agreement


Asking yourself, “How do I lease a Volkswagen near Brooklyn?” Have you decided that a lease is the right option for you, but unsure where to begin when it comes to securing a Volkswagen Jetta lease or a Volkswagen Atlas lease? Learn how to lease a Volkswagen with the finance team at Brooklyn Volkswagen and get the new vehicle you need today!



Securing Volkswagen Lease Deals

Before you select one of the Volkswagen lease deals available to Queens drivers like you at Brooklyn Volkswagen, follow these steps to ensure that you’re prepared.

  • Determine whether your credit score qualifies you for a lease.
  • Calculate your monthly budget and what your down payment will be.
  • Take several new Volkswagen models out for a test drive before choosing which you prefer.
  • Select a mileage limit for your lease based on your driving habits.
  • Work closely with our finance team to establish a lease agreement you’re comfortable with.

Important Volkswagen Lease Information

Still on the fence about a Volkswagen Jetta lease or a Volkswagen Atlas lease? Then it’s important to understand the basics of leasing first and foremost. Leasing allows you to drive a brand-new Volkswagen vehicle for a set period of time and number of miles. Unlike financing, when the lease term ends, you return the vehicle to the dealership, at which point you can buy out the lease to continue driving this vehicle, or upgrade with a lease on a newer model.

When you select one of the Volkswagen lease deals at our dealership, you will likely encounter the following terms:

  • Residual Value: This indicates how much a vehicle will be worth after time has passed. Throughout your lease, you are essentially paying for the lost residual value.
  • Money Factor: This refers to the interest rate, although it’s not expressed as a percentage. A higher money factor means greater interest paid.
  • Mileage Limits: As previously mentioned, leases include mileage limits to reduce a car’s depreciation. Keep in mind that you will pay fees if you exceed the agreed upon mileage limit.

Why Lease a Volkswagen?

When deciding whether to lease or finance, it ultimately comes down to your preferences, driving habits, and financial situation. What are some reasons to lease a Volkswagen? Consider the following:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Option to upgrade to the newest models and features at lease end
  • Service coverage
  • Flexible lease end options, including buyout

Get a Volkswagen Lease Today!

Get in touch with Brooklyn Volkswagen when you’re ready to access one of our amazing Volkswagen lease deals. Our goal is to set you up with a lease agreement that works for you and your budget, and send you back to the Staten Island roads behind the wheel of a brand-new Volkswagen!


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