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Whether your VW needs new tires or requires tire service, there’s nowhere better to go than Brooklyn Volkswagen.

Brooklyn Volkswagen Offers Tire Sales and Service to Drivers in Brooklyn, NY

The tires on your Volkswagen are incredibly important to the quality of your ride. Since the tires are the only part of your VW that comes into contact with the road, you depend on them for handling, traction, and more. For this reason, it’s best to make sure that you keep your tires in good condition. Whether your VW needs new tires or requires tire service, there’s nowhere better to go than Brooklyn Volkswagen, serving Brooklyn and Queens. We are proud to be your full-service, one-stop tire center. Learn more about our tire department here, or head in today for your tire needs.


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VW-Approved Tire Sales at Brooklyn Volkswagen

When your Volkswagen model needs new tires, don’t just head to the nearest tire shop; instead, come to Brooklyn Volkswagen. All the tires in our tire department have been approved for use by Volkswagen, so they all come from high-quality manufacturers and are designed to fit your VW perfectly. When you’ve found the set of tires that fits your VW, our technicians will be glad to mount and balance them for you.

VW Tire Service Near Ozone Park

Tire installation is just one of the many services we offer at Brooklyn Volkswagen. Our certified technicians are skilled at performing services that help you get the most out of your tires. Better still, they’ll use VW-approved methods and OEM parts when needed to ensure that your vehicle’s quality remains intact. Visit our service center for service like:

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Tire Rotation

Tire rotation should be performed at least every 10,000 miles or once a year. During this service, our technicians will switch the tires’ positions, which helps them to all wear down at a more even rate. This means that they will have a longer overall lifespan.

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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels can compromise your safety, make your ride less comfortable, and cause your tires to wear down unevenly. The technicians at Brooklyn Volkswagen can inspect your vehicle’s alignment and make adjustments to the camber, toe, and caster angles as needed.

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Tire Balancing

Tire Balancing

Unbalanced tires can cause uneven wear and a ride filled with vibrations. What’s more, they can wear down unevenly, making it necessary for you to change your tires more often. We have the precision tools needed to balance your tires to help you avoid this.

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Tire Repair

Generally, damaged tires need to be replaced. However, that may not always be the case. If your tire just has puncture damage on the tread, there is a good chance that we will be able to patch it up. However, damage to the sidewall or the shoulder cannot be repaired.

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Tire Inspection

Regular tire inspections are a necessary part of keeping your tires in good repair. In addition to checking for damage, our technicians will look for signs of uneven or excessive tread wear. They’ll also check the tire pressure on all four tires, adjusting it if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Make My Tires Last Longer? 

It only makes sense that you would want to get the maximum possible lifespan out of your tires, and there are a few ways you can help this. Keeping your tires properly inflated is important; if they have too much air or too little air, they may wear down faster or be more susceptible to damage. Don’t travel at excessive speeds; not only is speeding against the law but going faster makes your tires wear down sooner due to the extra heat produced. In addition, you should avoid slamming on your brakes or putting the pedal to the metal from a standstill, since both can put a strain on your tires.


What Is the Legal Tire Tread Limit?  

In New York, you need to have at least 2/32″ of tire tread depth to legally travel on the roads. In addition, your tires shouldn’t have any exposed cords. To be extra safe, you can change your tires a little before they reach 2/32″.


What Is the Difference Between Summer Tires, Winter Tires, and All-Season Tires? 

Summer and winter tires are designed specifically for those seasons, and we recommend using them for ideal performance. Summer tires have shallower grooves and can provide improved grip in the rain and on dry days alike. Winter tires have deeper treads and stay flexible in lower temperatures, making them perfect for snow. All-season tires provide a compromise between the two. They’re good in both hot and cold weather, but not quite as good as summer and winter tires. The upside to all-season tires? They have no off-season.

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The next time your VW needs tire service, head to Brooklyn Volkswagen. Our online service scheduler makes it easy for you to make your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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