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All About Volkswagen Brake Pad Replacement

When was the last time you had your brake pads replaced? The brake pads on our vehicles are integral to our safety whenever we are driving on the road. Brake pads that have a diminished width can make it difficult for your vehicle to function properly. Fortunately, Brooklyn Volkswagen in Brooklyn, NY can help you with any brake pad problems or questions. Here is some more information pertaining to brake pads and how we can help you get back on the road safely in almost no time at all.

What is Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pad replacement is a service that we provide where we remove old and diminished brake pads from your vehicle and replace them with a fresh set. This is meant to help your stopping power whenever you are on the road and alleviate issues that diminished brake pads can present that can damage the brake system’s components.

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Why Do I Need to Replace My Brake Pads?

Not replacing your brake pads can damage your vehicle’s components, such as your rotors and brake calipers. Worn out brake pads can also be a hazard on the road as they hinder your ability to properly decelerate whenever you need it the most.

Are Front Brake Pads Different from My Rear Brake Pads?

Brake pads have but one function: decelerate your vehicle whenever you need to slow down. There is no discernable difference between front brake pads and rear brake pads. However, front brake pads are often worn down more quickly than the rear. This is because rear brake pads are not used as a primary stopping force like the front brake pads are. You will find yourself seeking front brake pad replacement more often than rear brake pad replacement. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered whenever you need both.

How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced or Inspected?

Ideally, you should have your brake pads inspected or replaced anywhere between every 25,000 and 50,000 miles. We have plenty of OEM Volkswagen brake pads in Brooklyn that will fit your vehicle and help you come to a safe stop once again whenever you need this service done.

Brake Pad Replacement

Why Should I Work With Your Dealership?

Brooklyn Volkswagen in Brooklyn, NY has years of experience servicing Volkswagen vehicles and providing brake pad replacement services for our customers. We excel in customer service and want to invite you to our facility to see what we’re all about. Bring your vehicle to us today or call us for more assistance if you need to have your brake pads replaced before they can cause any damage to your vehicle. Check out our service specials for extra savings on maintenance!


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