How to Replace a VW Key Battery

Person using opening the trunk of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas with key fob

If your Volkswagen key isn’t functioning properly, you may need a VW key battery replacement. While the service experts at Brooklyn Volkswagen are more than happy to take care of this issue for you, changing your VW key fob battery yourself is quite a simple process. Read this guide to learn how to change the battery in your VW key fob. 



Which Battery Do You Need for Your VW Key Fob?

Before you change the battery in your VW key fob, first, you’ll need to find the right kind of battery. Here’s an overview of the VW key fob batteries: 

  • If you own an older Volkswagen, you’ll need a CR1632 battery. 
  • Most new Volkswagen models (vehicles that are manufactured after 1999) use a fob that has buttons on the side and a retractable emergency key. If this is the kind of VW key fob you have, you’ll likely need a CR2032 Battery.

How to Conduct a VW Battery Replacement 

When you’re ready to start your VW battery replacement, you’ll need a small, flat-head screwdriver and a new CR2032 battery. To prevent scratching or damaging your key fob, wrap the screwdriver with a small piece of tape. Once you’re ready, here’s how to change the battery in your VW key:

  1. Press the button on your Volkswagen key fob until the emergency key pops out. 
  2. Grasp the fob firmly in your hand, or attach it to a small metal key ring that you can hold on your index finger. 
  3. Find the seam that connects the lid and the base of your fob. Use your fingers to start separating these two pieces, then use the flat-head screwdriver to finish prying them apart. 
  4. Remove the dead battery and insert the new one, with the positive side facing downward.
  5. Close the remote case tightly, then you’re all set to get back on Brooklyn roads!

How to Start Your Volkswagen Without Your Smart Key

If your VW key stops working, it doesn’t mean that you’re stranded. VW key fobs contain an emergency key or a bayonet key that doesn’t require battery power to use. Even if your car has keyless entry or push button start, all you have to do is hold the emergency key below the ignition to start the engine.

Volkswagen Key Replacement

Queens drivers who have lost their VW key fobs will need a VW key replacement. You can visit our dealership to purchase a new key fob, but be sure to bring your driver’s license and proof of ownership. We’ll also take care of programming your key to ensure that it operates properly. 

Visit Brooklyn Volkswagen for More VW Service Tips & Tricks

If you need assistance with your VW key fob battery replacement, visit the certified technicians at Brooklyn Volkswagen near Staten Island. Our service team will correct your VW key fob issues and have you back on the road in no time! 


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