How to Check Car Oil

Auto Mechanic Checking Oil

Few components of your vehicle are more important than your motor oil. It’s easy for anyone to learn how to check the oil level in their car from the comfort of their Brooklyn garage. The service department at Brooklyn Volkswagen covers how to check oil level in cars and other important oil facts below!  

Learn How to Check the Oil Level in a Car: Dipstick 

To start, all Queens drivers should look at their owner’s manual for information about the location of their oil dipstick or whether their vehicle uses an electronic oil monitor. After that, checking the oil is a simple process: 

  • Park the vehicle on level ground. Turn off the engine and give it time to cool down. 
  • Find the dipstick under the hood. Pull it out and wipe away any oil from the end of it. 
  • Put the dipstick back in all the way. Pull it out slowly and look to see how much oil you have with the help of the MINIMUM and MAXIMUM lines. 

If you don’t have enough oil, you can refill your vehicle’s oil on your own! Just make sure to check your owner’s manual for the right oil type. If you’re having any trouble, just schedule service with an expert.  

How Often to Check Your Car Oil and Other Oil Facts 

A lot of Staten Island drivers ask us about how to check oil level in a car, and they usually follow that up with asking about how often to check it. Here are some tips about oil checks and oil changes: 

  • You should check your car oil at least once a month
  • Oil changes should occur about twice a year, depending upon how you drive your vehicle and what kind of oil it uses. 
  • If your car hood is hot to the touch or there is some steam coming out from under it, you may have an oil leak. Get in touch with a service center to help you out with this important issue. 

How to Reset Oil Change Light

Sometimes people learn how to check car oil, refill their oil levels, or even get an oil change and they still see the oil change light on. This is a common occurrence that’s easy to fix. Do the following, but as long as you’re sure you’ve checked and resolved all oil issues: 

  • Leave the engine running but turn off all the electrical systems in your car. 
  • Near the speedometer and fuel gauge you should see the “reset” button. Hold that down until you see the oil change light flash. 
  • Now turn off the ignition, wait a couple of seconds, and turn your vehicle back on again. That should solve the problem! 

Get Expert Vehicle Service at Brooklyn Volkswagen  

Whether you’re wondering how to check oil levels in cars or need any other type of oil information, Brooklyn Volkswagen is the place to be! We provide Brooklyn drivers with conventional oil changes, synthetic oil changes, and even diesel oil changes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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