How to Fix the EPC Light on VW Cars

2022 Volkswagen Atlas Interior

The EPC warning light is one of several warning lights that can be found on Volkswagen vehicles. EPC is short for Electric Power Control, and the light indicates a problem with the throttle system or sensors in your new vehicle. Many drivers in the Brooklyn area have wondered about how to fix the EPC light on VW vehicles. Brooklyn Volkswagen’s service center has provided a simple guide below for the next time this light flashes on your dashboard. Follow it to get back on the road!



What Is EPC Light?

What does the VW EPC light mean? Chances are your vehicle probably needs immediate repairs, and you should head to your nearest service center to resolve this. Here are the most common problems which cause a Volkswagen EPC warning light to turn on:

  • Throttle pedal or throttle body issues
  • Cruise control trouble
  • Engine speed sensor error
  • Mass air flow sensor error
  • Issues with your brake light switch

Take advantage of our parts specials in order to perform this crucial repair without draining your wallet.

Should You Ever Perform a VW EPC Light Reset?

Queens drivers who have been keeping up with their Volkswagen maintenance schedule might become frustrated when their VW EPC light appears. Although it can be tempting to try and perform a VW EPC light reset at home, this complicated service task should be conducted by a manufacturer-certified service technician.

Our team has specialized equipment which allows the immediate diagnosis of problems. Although it’s possible to pick up a similar tool at your local Volkswagen parts department, the sensitive repairs required to reset a VW EPC light should still be trusted to certified and trained service technicians near Staten Island.

Let Brooklyn Volkswagen Put You Back on the Road!

Learning how to fix the EPC light on VW cars is not simple, but when you trust the experts at our Brooklyn service center, we can quickly resolve this! Schedule service today to solve the issue with your VW EPC warning light and get your car back in tip-top shape!


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