The Best Hot Hatch of 2021

January 20th, 2021 by

What’s not to like about an affordable, fun, hot hatchback to kickoff 2021?

2021 Volkswagen GTI Cornflower Blue


With gas prices on the rise, hatchbacks are eating away at the SUV market. They boast better driving dynamics and thousands in savings over their SUV counterparts while offering similar technology, safety, and seating/cargo capacity. The hot hatch market in particular is expanding to accommodate drivers who value style and function.

If you are looking for a hot hatch that puts a smile on your face every morning, look no further than the timeless Volkswagen GTI. Debuting in 1976, the then badged Golf GTI disrupted the market with an all new take on what a vehicle could be.


Vintage Volkswagen Golf GTI


Fast forward to 2021 and the GTI is more thrilling and refined than ever. The GTI outperforms competitors like the Ford Focus ST and Honda Civic Si. 2021 is the final year of the seventh generation GTI. Volkswagen has equipped the current model year with black exterior accents in celebration of the end of this era and the start of generation 8.


What are you hoping to see in the next generation GTI?

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