The Future of Volkswagen is Electric

November 1st, 2021 by

As many automotive manufacturers begin to pivot towards more eco-friendly, future-minded technology, Volkswagen certainly leads the pack. The German carmaker recently announced that half of their sales are expected to be battery-electric vehicles by 2030. Volkswagen is taking the initiative to produce less harmful emissions and continues to churn out models that offer the best in performance, luxury, safety, and driver-friendly features.

Volkswagen’s Strategy to Be Fully Carbon Neutral by 2050

As part of the company’s dedication to bringing about positive change in the industry, Volkswagen announced the following initiatives for 2030, 2040, and 2050:

2030 – Volkswagen announced that by 2030, half of their car sales would be from electric vehicles. CEO Herbert Diess expressed that “Cars are getting close to autonomy, many cars will drive around autonomously. We will have a high share of EVs. Mobility as a service will increase.”

2040 – Volkswagen also expressed that by 2040 almost %100 of its new vehicles in major markets should be zero-emission vehicles.

2050 – The car company aims to be fully carbon neutral by 2050. They have earmarked $86.4 billion for the development of future technologies over the next four years.

These announcements came ahead of several expected environmental policies announced by the European Union and represent a big step for this corporation with a rich history of engineering. Other automakers are likely to follow suit with similar goals to keep up with the cutting edge.

Volkswagen Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen has already begun to roll out a new generation of fully electric vehicles with a comparable range compared to gas-powered alternatives and zero-emission powertrains that consist of up to 2 electric motors, power electronics, a transmission, and a flat high-voltage battery installed in a space-saving configuration in the floorpan. Many Volkswagen dealerships in Brooklyn already carry several of these new electric vehicles.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the electric vehicles in Volkswagen’s lineup:

  • VW ID.3 – This electric car is featured as the first of the new generation of Volkswagen EVs and has been touted as the follow-up to the Beetle and the Golf.
  • VW ID.4 – This crossover SUV is based on the electric MEB platform and features optional all-wheel drive and up to an EPA-estimated 260-mile driving range.
  • VW ID.5 – This coupe-SUV version features a sleeker silhouette with the same practicality as the ID.4.
  • VW ID Vizzion – Following after the original ID hatch, the ID Crozz, and the ID Buzz, the ID Vizzion is set to feature an all-wheel-drive system, 302-horsepower, a 111-kWh battery, and a 400-mile driving range. Volkswagen is set to start production by 2022.
  • VW ID Buzz – Volkswagen is reviving its Microbus minivan as a stylish, all-electric fashion wagon. The ID Buzz electric bus will be due in showrooms in 2022.

Find a Volkswagen in Brooklyn

Visit a Volkswagen dealership in Brooklyn or Queens to find your next eco-friendly electric vehicle. Another way to go green is to buy pre-owned. Many dealerships also carry a great selection of used cars for Brooklyn drivers looking to get a great deal on a quality car.