Tips for Caring for Your Volkswagen Through Brooklyn Winters

December 1st, 2021 by

As winter comes around in Brooklyn or Queens, it is time to clean out gutters, check home heating systems, order firewood, clean chimneys, and more. There is also an important checklist of items drivers need to remember for new or used cars in Brooklyn.

Volkswagen’s racing driver and test and development driver teamed up with the head trainer at Volkswagen Driving Experience to share their top tips for the cold season in New York City. Take a look at these six important items and remember to connect with a local Volkswagen dealer for assistance.

Winter Tires – From O to E

Many car drivers in Germany are now aware of the “from O to E” rule, which outlines a recommendation that winter tires be used between October and Easter. While this is a good rule of thumb, drivers are encouraged to switch to the right tires as soon as there is snow or ice on the roads.

Check Fluids

Another important thing drivers should remember is to check the fluids according to the experts at Volkswagen. If there is not enough antifreeze, the coolant could freeze and cause considerable damage to the water pump and, ultimately, the engine. To check this, drivers should check the coolant spindle to be sure it reads at least 20 degrees below zero. The summer windshield washer fluid should also be replaced with a winter wash formula.

Correct Battery Care

The car battery is under heavy strain in low temperatures, and it isn’t often charged enough over short distances. A battery charger can remedy this when the car is parked for longer periods. Otherwise, it may be worth investing in a new 12-volt battery if battery problems are a frequent occurrence.

Don’t Forget the Air Conditioning

Many drivers don’t think to turn on their air conditioning all winter, but this is a mistake according to the experts. Not turning the A/C on can result in the car being too humid and windows will steam up from the inside. Using the air conditioning and its automatic programming ensures that humid air circles out and dryer outside air is fed in.

Use Rear Fog Lights Correctly

In vehicles with automatic driving light control, the low beam is activated automatically, but drivers tend to activate the rear fog lights before they are needed. Fog lights should be activated in conditions where visibility is less than 100 yards. When this is the case, drivers should not drive faster than 30 mph and should deactivate the automatic driving light control.

Check Tire Pressure

People used to believe that they should reduce tire pressure in lower temperatures, but this isn’t true for the types of tires used today. If tire pressure gets too low, it can negatively affect grip and fuel consumption. Make sure to check whether tire pressure lines up with manufacturer recommendations.

If drivers need assistance with these winter car care items, they can visit a Volkswagen dealership in Brooklyn or Queens to get advice and trusted maintenance services.

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