Top 6 Little-Known Facts About Your Car Tires

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Top 6 Little-Known Facts About Your Car Tires

There are many things that we take for granted when it comes to our cars. Most people know the basics about their tires, but there is so much more information out there. In this post we’ll be discussing some unusual facts about car tires that you may not have known before.

Fact # 1: Air Pressure

Tires require air pressure to absorb vibrations from the road. If they don’t have enough air pressure, they will wear down more quickly.

Did you know… Your tire pressure can change depending on how many miles per hour you’re going? That’s right! The faster your vehicle travels, the higher the air pressure should be in your tires. This way, they don’t lose traction and slip on the road while driving at high speeds.

Fact # 2: Mixing Different Tires is a Big No-No

It’s not recommended to mix different types of radial tires, because it can result in uneven tire wear, leading to dangerous driving conditions and may shorten the life span of your new set. Just remember that if you go from all-season road tires into winter ones, you should also buy a new set. If you have a steel or aluminum-wheel vehicle, replacing them with alloy wheels is not recommended.

Fact # 3: Tires Have a Shelf Life

While there is no set expiration date for tires, they will eventually lose their tread and traction. It is critical to replace tires every six years, even if they have not been used that often. This is because the rubber in tires deteriorates over time, even when they are not in use.

Fact # 4: Tires Are Not All the Same Size

It’s important to know that not all tires are created equal. Each tire size is designed for a specific car make and model. Buying the wrong size can lead to poor performance and dangerous driving conditions. When you buy new tires, bring your vehicle with you so that the tire salesperson can ensure you’re purchasing the correct size.

Fact # 5: Tires Are Noisy When Wet

You may have noticed that your tires make a loud noise on the pavement when wet outside. This happens because water causes more friction between the tire and road surface, making it harder for the vehicle to move forward smoothly. Some cars come with tread patterns designed to channel away excess moisture to combat this issue.

Fact # 6: Tires Need to Be Balanced

Tires must be balanced to reduce the risk of falling off and causing an accident. If you feel your car shaking when driving at high speeds, this may indicate a problem with balance. You should consult your local mechanic about getting this fixed as soon as possible because unbalanced tires can lead to unnecessary wear and tear.

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